Annalisa Lamia - Biography

The passion for makeup accompanies me and supports me since childhood, one of the things that gave me joy was to use the brushes and colors on my dolls. With the passage of time, my dedication focused on the people around me, experimenting with them combinations of colors, to obtain surprising results. After trying in vain to stifle this passion to continue my studies, I decided to leave school because I realized that I could not help but realize my dream. I began collecting the collection of manuals of "STYLE AND SESSION" by Diego Della Palma and it was from that moment that I realized that it would no longer be a game but the beginning of an important journey for my life.

I undertook studies to refine the technique, obtaining the professional qualification of beautician, but because I felt dissatisfied, thanks to my strong creative spirit and my great passion for make-up, I decided to make a change in my life and to specialize on the various types of makeup, including: basic, corrective, HD, day / evening, bride, artistic, theatrical, cinematographic, photographic, fashion and make-up for special effects with the teacher Anna Barbaresi.

I continued to increase my educational background by obtaining certificates at the BSI Academy of Diego Della Palma, with the talented Felice Fumagalli and at the QStudio make-up RP academy by Roberta Piacente, a high quality brand. Begin to undertake my courier offering wedding make-up services, theatrical make-up, photo shoots, advertising and numerous events. Over the years I taught in various training courses, which helped me to grow both personally and professionally. Recently, I signed the make-up of the 2016/2017 fall-winter catalog of the "accent" brand, collaborating with a great team.

In 2017 I took part in three of the biggest international events: "Royal Ascot Fashion Show - Isabell Kristensen Couture" in London, "Red Carpet Show - Isabel Kristensen Couture" in Cannes and "Gran Galà Arte Cinema Impresa - Mazzoleni Foundation" in Venice. After these great events I was asked to play a very important role as QStudio teacher, in the various Italian make-up academies, to train future make-up artists. Role of which I am honored.